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GSTG produces and distributes more than 30 kinds of artificial turf products through its one-stop total solution system through constant technology development and innovation.

Yarn Extruding
Tufting (Knitting)
Backside Coating


Yarn Extruding

We select raw material which suits best for the installation site and purpose of use, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon.
Producing strong and durable yarn by using additive : Masterbatch, UV Resist, etc.

Tufting / Knitting

Not only using the conventional way : tufting mechanism, but also we do have raschel knitting mechanism.
By knitting process, the pile is anchored, so it can endure any impacts without pile loss compare to the tufted products. The knitted products are used for many sport-use grass such as golf mat, sports pitch.

Backside Coating

Coating backside helps to enhance the strength of artificial turf, and prevent pile loss.
It helps to maintain the firm surface of the artificial/hybrid grass.


We can give you the best solution to install the artificial/hybrid grass.